12 January, 2017


Guitar practice amp, battery or adapter powered, internal speaker or external box through output jack.

Quick sound sample (clean)

Custom and unique enclosure!

26 April, 2013

Low Drop Voltage Regulator

Low drop regulator for powering effects with 12V car battery. Great idea for street players!

11 April, 2013


Finally, awaited Big Muff Triangle (1969) clone is finished..

Discrete components only!

12 January, 2013

Black & Silver Himera

Really beautiful Himer in black & silver combination with blue led and vintage knob.. from The Luxy Sound Lab, of course! ;)

02 September, 2012


Scila is a tube booster and an overdrive effect pedal. It runs on 12AU7 (ECC82) tube.

Without hum and other noises, works great as single unit or in combination with other pedals (really nice with RAT and TubeScreamer). It runs on 9V and adds typical tube sounding character to transistor amplifiers.


Karibda is a distortion pedal, sounding similar to ProCo RAT. With this honey bunny you will get powerful and defined sound with a lot of ego.

Must have!


Argos stands for fuzz pedal. Communication with aliens is now a piece of cake!


Himera is a booster pedal, perfect for solo parts. Sound character remains the same, it only gets louder and richer.


01 September, 2012


Gorgone is a stabilized 9V power supply unit, offering 6 outputs with separate grounding. Each output can provide 420 mA current, so they can be daisychained a lot! Enclosure made of aluminium and combined with wood looks gorgeus.